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Brillian is a15-year-old high school student with dreams beyond this world. Her passion includes music, acting, and community activism. Though her passions might seem ordinary, they hold uniqueness; singing and acting her way of worshiping God, and community activism a way of serving others.

As a pageant queen, Brillian uses her gifts to bring joy and hope into low in-come households and for kids in Kenya as apart of her platform. Brillian’s platform is to supply adolescents living in poverty with hygiene products both in America and in Kenya. Alongside serving others, you can find Brillian enjoying herself in a theatre performing, or embracing her love for musicals and TV shows with friends.

Brillian’s past accomplishments include, 2016 Boys & Girls Club Leadership Winner, a Kansas Legislative Youth Leadership Award Winner, a Keep Girls Safe Foundation Leadership Winner, two times Statewide Talent Winner, two times Statewide Spokes Model Winner, three times Spirit Award Winner, two times National Qualifier for Pageant Nominee, a Jesture Ensemble (i.e. Theater) Nominee , 1st runners up in Superstar Title Princess of America (POA), 1st Runners up National Talent Princess of America (POA) . Her future accomplishments will include graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA, attending Harvard University with a major in Public Health, as well as participating in The Miss World pageant. As a hardworking, compassionate high school student, Brillian desires to open doors to unlimited opportunities by living “3rd.” Her life motto is ,“Im 3rd”, which stands for Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last. By living this way, Brillian strives to not only leave an impression wherever she goes, but to also shine the light of Christ.

Brillian will be speaking at the Duchess & Duchess 2017 Gala.

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