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Duchess and Duchess Night

The annual Duchess and Duchess Night is a celebration of the mother/daughter relationship and is open to all women and girls (ten and above) regardless of race or ethnicity. The goal of the event is to create an atmosphere of bonding, a date night of sorts where mothers and daughters get to spend time both with one another and with other women and girls in the community. It will encourage quality time and create memories that families can treasure for years to come. It is a highly anticipated event that will feature red carpet entrance, a learning and information session for girls and their mothers respectively and a general session.

Girls' Session

Professional counselors will be available to talk to the girls about hot topics ranging from cleanliness to self-esteem and relationships. There will also be a question and answer session with facilitators, Games, Fashion and Beauty Pageant and Talent Showcase.

Mothers' Session

Professionals will be available to talk to the mothers on important topics such as Balancing children’s self-expression and discipline and Preparing daughters for puberty, college, etc.

General Session

The general session will include all participants, both mothers, and daughters. There will be music, food and entertainment.

The highlight of the general session will be the mother/daughter dance followed by the exchange of roses which symbolizes a mother’s commitment to love, cherish and impart relevant life principles to her precious daughter.

 Coming November, 2019



When and where is the event?

November 17, 2018, at 1655 North Central Expressway, Richardson Texas 75080


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available online at You can also purchase tickets by calling this number 214-287-1571.


I don’t have a daughter. Can I still attend?

Absolutely. Whether you have only boys or are hoping to be a mother someday the principles you will learn and the connections you will make at the event will be useful for years to come. Please join us.


Is there a dress code?

Yes. Come dressed in your best. Ball gowns and evening dresses are encouraged for both mothers and daughters along with hats and fascinators. No casual wear as it is a night of exquisite celebration of the mother/daughter relationship.


I have three daughters, may I come with all of them?

Yes! Please bring them all and let’s celebrate together.


My daughter is only 3. Can she come?

We ask that only children eight years old and above participate in the event. Younger children may not understand the import and weight of the celebration. Good news, the Duchess night is an annual event and in a few years, they can celebrate with us.