Duchess and Duchess is a ministry founded to serve women and girls of all ages. Our desire is that we will, through our activities, contribute to raising a generation of strong and capable women.

We believe that the ideals and values taught to little girls will inform the kind of women they grow up to be. We believe in the need to invest in young girls today to prepare them for the responsibilities of life as adults.

We believe that a mother’s influence is pivotal to ensuring the future emotional and mental health of a young girl. From teaching her values that will inform her character, to showing her love and paying attention to her physical and emotional needs, a mother’s responsibilities to her daughter cannot be taken lightly.

At Duchess and Duchess, we create an environment that supports and encourages women by giving them the tools needed to forge meaningful and loving relationships with their daughters.

Through events and activities, we also contribute to the mental and emotional wellbeing of young girls by exposing them to vital information needed to mold them into capable adults and leaders with a strong sense of self.

We strive to close the generational gap by encouraging connection and also reconciling differences that might exist between mothers and daughters.



Our vision at the Duchess and Duchess Ministry is to raise a generation of women who are mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally capable of living life to their full potential.



To create an avenue for mothers and daughters to connect so that the love, wisdom and ideals of the older generation are passed to the next.

To encourage mothers to love, understand and respond to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of their daughters.

To create an expanded feminine influence for young girls by encouraging connection and a safe community for both women and girls irrespective of their age.

To create opportunities for young girls to be taught, mentored and encouraged to prepare them for life as adults.


Duchess and Duchess Ministry is passionate about giving to women and girls in African communities. To this end, the crafts and items made by girls during the retreats will be sent to children and women in low-income communities.


Other necessary supplies such as books, clothes etc. will also be made available so that we can be a blessing to those who need them most.


Studies have shown that most young people value a relationship with their parents; knowing they have the support and assurance of both their fathers and mothers positively impacts on their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Children are more likely to be socially competent and have better communication skills when they have parents who are sensitive to their needs and emotions. Children with involved parents tend to earn higher grades, have better social skills and are more likely to graduate and go on to post-secondary education. For more on this, please visit www.parentalrights.org


However, it is also important to examine the state of parental attention in this day and age. According to Pshycology.about.com, there has been a rise in uninvolved parenting, a situation where parents have little or no emotional involvement with their children. Several factors may be responsible for this ranging from busyness, stress, to a preoccupation with their own problems. Looking at the present socio-economic and technological landscape it is easy to see how such a situation might develop stealthily in today’s families.

At Duchess and Duchess, we exist to help our community maintain healthy families by focusing on the mother/daughter relationship. We believe in the strength of community and the importance of vibrant and healthy relationships both within and outside of the family.

We strive to create an atmosphere of love, respect, and openness so that mothers get the support they need to connect with and raise their daughters with love, and young girls get mentored and prepared for a full and balanced adult life.

Little girls will grow into teenagers who will then head off to college and begin a life of their own. The few years parents have to nurture and mold their children are precious and fleeting. It is our desire to encourage mothers and daughters to make the best of it.