Lane Kamau (Speaker, Duchess Night 2017)

Lane Kamau is a Production Support Analyst at a leading bank in Newark, DE. She was born in Kenya, and came to the USA in 2001 at the age of eleven. Excited to come to America, she embraced this transition - from a developing country to a western one - with high hopes, and particularly looked forward to starting a new life with her mom in Delaware.

Since then, Lane has finished high school, attended Wilmington University in Delaware, and is currently working full-time.

Her passions are reading, writing, and learning; she professes to be a natural seeker, always eager to understand the mind, spirituality, and sociological issues. Her desire is to become a world teacher on spirituality, growth, and becoming our truest selves.

She looks forward to sharing the challenges and hardships of being torn between two cultures, beauty and self-esteem, and lessons learned along the way with Duchess and Duchess girls, on November 18, 2017.

You can reach her at, or on Facebook at Lane Kamau.

To hear Lane speak get your tickets to Duchess & Duchess Night 2017.

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