Why I Started Duchess & Duchess

My name is Lydiah Nyakundi. I am a wife, mother of three and a Registered Nurse. Like so many women today, I juggle family, work, faith, friends and every other endeavor as best as I can. But a few months ago I began to realize things in my life that I had missed or overlooked as I tried to live my everyday life. And it had to do with my daughter.

I stopped to take stock and I realized that while I had an ideal picture in my mind about how to raise my daughter I had indeed let some things fall through the cracks. I realized that I needed more time to really be with her. I needed to give her my undivided attention as much as possible. I needed her to know she was loved and understood. I needed to build a thriving connection with her. But I couldn’t do these things unless I was intentional. I couldn’t do it while running out the door in a hurry. So I started to take time with her. We cooked together (which made me realize I hadn’t taught her so many things that would help her grow into an independent and capable adult), we hung out together, we talked about her interests, her thoughts, her friends. We had fun and created mother/daughter memories together. I learned a lot about her and also intentionally taught her things I had somehow, inadvertently assumed she would pick up on her own.

This whole process inspired me. Then I realized how much more power and inspiration could be spread around if we intentionally encouraged each other as a community of women and girls to do the same. To be clear about how we engage with our daughters and prepare them for life as adults. To bridge the gaps that have existed between mothers and daughters, to mend relationships, to encourage our children to learn from older women in the community.

This was how Duchess & Duchess was birthed—out of my need to actively learn and grow through the challenges of motherhood and to do it with other mothers and women in the community.

I have learned that despite the challenges of managing a career and caring for our families, leaving our children’s emotional and spiritual growth to chance is not an option.

At Duchess and Duchess, we desire to connect with other mothers as we continue to learn on the motherhood journey. I am passionate about creating opportunities for girls to receive vital learning and information that will help them grow into capable women able to fulfill their greatest potential. It takes little for children to be broken and unable to handle the pressures of adulthood. It is my hope that through the activities of the ministry this can be prevented as more girls are taught the principles that will make them wise and capable women. We also hope to create an atmosphere of connection where mothers and daughters are encouraged to make understanding, love and meaningful connections a priority.

I hope you will join us for our very first Duchess & Duchess Night on November 25, 2016.

Click here to register and learn more.



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