Learn like a Duchess Back-to-School Contest!


It's back to school season! Cue the early morning drives, lunch packing, school lines, homework, soccer practice, etc... exciting times :) We'd love to be a part of your daughter's success this school year, so Duchess & Duchess is announcing our first ever 'Learn like a Duchess' back-to-school contest.

How does it work? Simply post a back-to-school picture of your precious daughter along with a few words on her expectations for the year and what she hopes to achieve at school.

Only one rule. It has to be her expectations for herself, in her own words.

Post these on our Facebook page (Duchess & Duchess) for a chance to win.

Contest dates: Friday 18, August to Friday 25, August 2017

Prizes: Two lucky winners will each get a $50 Walmart gift card for school supplies, free tickets to Duchess & Duchess Night, 2017 and a guaranteed ride on the pink stretch limo!

All great journeys begin with a single determined step. So go on, take your best picture and post your daughter's highest expectations.

(Open to kids of all ages)

All the best!

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