Deputy Bryan Woodard | Duchess & Duchess 2017

Bryan Woodard

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Deputy Bryan Woodard became a resident in the state of Texas at age 15 years old due to his father serving in the military and being relocated. The oldest out of three brothers he always had a heart for serving. At age 18 after graduating from Cedar Hill High School he entered into the criminal justice field starting off as a jailer for the Dallas County Sheriff's Department in the Dallas County Jail. After serving for about a year he took his career a step further and studied at The Universities at Dallas. He later began to work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a correctional officer for the state prison system where he served for the next five years where he also served as a training officer training all Cadets who were willing and brave enough to serve behind bars.

During his years of service with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice he currently enrolled himself in Cedar Valley College putting himself through Police Academy only later becoming one of the youngest Deputy Constables to serve in Dallas County at the age of 25. Deputy Bryan Woodard has been serving with the Dallas County Constable's office since January 2007. He not only serves as a Texas peace officer, but he also serves as a SWAT Deputy for his Precinct.

Deputy Woodard has also received several Awards from his Precinct including the Commendation of Merit bar along with two life-saving bars during his career of serving and protecting the citizens of Dallas County Texas. He also works as a community relations officer trying to build the bridge between the gap of law enforcement and the citizens. He currently has a fan base on Facebook (The Every Day Life Of Deputy Bryan Woodard) with over 116,000 members and 117,000 followers not to include the Millions of people he has touched around the world through his videos on social media. The Motto that he lives by every day that also encourages citizens and families everywhere is "I refuse to see hate live while love dies."

Officer Woodard will be speaking at the Girl’s session during Duchess & Duchess Night.

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