4 Ways To Intentionally Build Your Daughter's Self-Esteem.

Many people will admit to having felt some level of insecurity about something at some point in their lives— their looks, flaws or personality traits.

While some of these feelings are transient and dependent on specific life stages, some insecurities are hard to outgrow or let go of. They seem to affect one’s productivity, joy or quality of life.

It has been said that a girl’s self-esteem peaks at the age of 9. This is undoubtedly a crucial time when the influence of parents or guardians are important and vital to further development.

Below are 4 ways you can intentionally build your daughters’ self-esteem.

1. Model it

Children are like sponges, they soak up words, expressions, and choices most of which we might assume they don’t observe. Be a confident woman, know your worth and importance and live it out. Teach her to stand up for herself by standing up for yourself. She will see what an example you are and hopefully develop similar ideals.

2. Take advantage of teachable moments

Apart from modeling a confident and secure life in front if your daughter you want to take advantage of life’s moments to plant seeds of truth in her heart. At those moments when you notice a tendency towards fear or insecurity, be it with her friends or others, assure her with wise words that she is special and made with a purpose. Encourage her to love herself irrespective of what others might think.

3. Limit media consumption

You’re not being overprotective by limiting your child’s access to media and information that may be harmful or set unrealistic standards. The older children are at the time they encounter new and external concepts the more objective they can be about determining what is useful or not.

4. Take time to experience life with her.

Imagine how special she will feel when you experience major firsts with her as much as possible. Her first grown-up haircut or salon experience, her first movie or theater experience, her first out of state trip, sports game, public speech, etc. this will give you a chance to experience life through her eyes and bond with her on the things that matter to her. Children who have this kind of loving and supportive relationship with their parents tend to be more assertive, confident and have a positive outlook.

Mothers, our role as parents is vital, let’s make it count.

In what ways do you intentionally build your daughter's self-esteem? Share with us on Facebook.

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